Alfred State Adventure 2019

Alfred State Adventure 2019

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Date: March 30th, 2019 | 10AM – 4PM

Science and Engineering Technology Building
Alfred State College
10 Upper College Dr.
Alfred, NY 14802

Food and drinks will be provided.

This is a special adventure-style competition for high school students who are interested in Information Technology. You and your classmates will split off into teams of five and will complete a series of challenges which are meant to encourage problem-solving, project management, and working together as a team to find solutions.

In these trials, you earn points by completing tasks and obtaining loot. Each stadium has unique problems for you and your team to solve, and you earn loot by successfully completing each task. These objectives will be completed at your stations using IT skills such as: web programming, networking, software design, server administration, and cyber-hacking.

There are prizes given out at the end of the game, but you’ll have to earn the most loot to win them! Even if you don’t win it’s still an amazing opportunity to get a head-start on picking up valuable IT skills before college. Most importantly, we want you to have fun with this and learn something out of it!

Earn Money and Points

Explore territories by searching for hidden usernames and passwords on your server. Find the hidden credentials and gain access to exotic “islands”. Search out new colonies where you will be tasked with building networks and web applications, stop by the Isle of Social Engineering, or visit sunny Palo Alto Island and learn the Palo Alto cybersecurity software.

Discover Uncharted Lands

Teams will be able to venture out into the unknown. Using network recon software, you will discover networks which represent unknown islands. All the while, you must fight off other teams vying for control over these islands. The more territories you conquer, the more points you earn. Also, the uncharted waters are rumored to hold many secrets, which attracts a great number of explorers. Pirates and mercenaries are known to travel these waters, so beware.

Recruit Explorers and Helpers

As you go along your quest, you may find yourself stuck in the mud or stranded at sea. If you ever find yourself lost, you can always sail to Tradesmens’ Hideaway and hire help for hard-earned gold, or perhaps you may want to head up to Lubber’s Landing and hire some pirate friends to take on another captain’s boat. Some recruits may even hold hints to the lay of the land, or maps to buried treasure. Regardless, hired help can always be fired.

Escape from the Island of Illusion

One of our special stadiums is a mysterious island set apart from the others, where you will be using VR (Virtual Reality) equipment to complete challenges in pursuit of fetching yourself and your team some nice bonus points. Only the most daring of explorers can get through this jungle alive.

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